From Ancient Greek στατήρ (statḗr)
/staˈtɛːrə/ (noun) 
1. Balance


Meet Our Practitioners

Dr. Lucas Tisshaw has been serving chiropractic patients in Vancouver since 2014. They are bringing their practices together and opening in the Cambie Village in Vancouver.

Alice Lee joined Statera Health in January 2022 providing acupuncture to the neighbourhood and close by Mount Pleasant. To inquire about initial and returning visit appointments please call 604.694.0488, email, or use the online booking links above and below. 

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Dr. Lucas Tisshaw uses a multifaceted approach to his chiropractic treatment to help you work comfortably, play harder, feel better, and live an overall healthier life.

Combined with his widespread experience in sport, his extensive training in anatomy, and his experience working with postural biomechanics, Dr. Lucas has diagnosed conditions of the feet, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

Alice Lee is a registered acupuncturist in BC. Her passion for holistic health and healing comes from her family and her love of martial arts.  


Alice comes from a long line of TCM doctors in her family and have practiced martial arts in China.  She is dedicated in providing holistic, natural treatments and care to her patients with the goal of helping her patients take control of their own health and healing process. 

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Client Success


Dr. Lucas Tisshaw is a superb chiropractor.  I have chronic pain issues secondary to scoliosis and instability in the neck, thoracic, and lower lumbar regions, which makes me a very challenging patient.  I have accessed numerous physiotherapists and chiropractors over the past 20 years.  Dr. Tisshaw's manual therapy skills are, bar none, the best.  He has been able to successfully and non-aggressively accomplish very difficult adjustments, and despite my physical vulnerability, I feel very safe in his hands.  Additionally, he is a kind person, with a lovely manner.  His new clinic is well-located, bright, and immaculate.  Without reservation, I recommend him most highly.